Past Projects

A list of programming projects, presentations, technical reports and links to past work highlighting relevant work.

Fusion taurina - mobile startup (2010)

CS 395T - Semisupervised Learning for Computational Linguistics (2010)

Graduate course by Dr. Jason Baldridge. High-level view of machine learning methods in the context of computational linguistics tasks. Syllabus of course

CS 395T - Semantic Web, Ontologies and the Cloud (2010)

EE 382V - Mobile Computing (2010)

CS 389R - Recursion and Induction (2010)

Graduate level class taught by Dr. Warrant Hunt concerning mathematically modeling computation and analyzing of these models. Also exposed to ACL2 logic

HP Labs at Bangalore, India (2009)

At HP Labs I worked under the supervision of Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan on the impact of including eye gaze data in the construction of user profiles, which are later used for recommendations to user. In particular, we explored the problem of finding relevant sections for web documents (text) by using eye gaze data; by accurately extracting those sections that the user read (showing attention and interest)and ignoring the sections that were skimmed, we could accurately create an index of keywords representing user interests around a particular topic. For instance, when looking at the Wikipedia page for “tiger”, a user might quickly scan the long page and only read the paragraphs that describe “conservation efforts”, thus, it is important to accurately detect this through a robust reading algorithm. This problem and that of interfacing with the eye tracking device were the main areas of focus on this project.

CS 386S - Network Protocol Security (2009)

Graduate level class taught by Dr. Mohamed Gouda. Following presentation was my final presentation of which I received the highest comments by Dr. Gouda. Syllabus for the course

CS 386D - Database Systems (2008)

Graduate level class taught by Dr. Don Batory. Final presentation on Stream databases.

CS 395T - Modeling Biological Databases (2008)

During fall 2008 I worked with Dr. Daniel Miranker on the assesment of the excluded middle idea mentioned in Yianilos’ result, “Excluded Middle Vantage Point Forests for Nearest Neighbor Search” (1999) in terms of the mobios system. This project concerns a parallel implementation of metric-space search methods and developing a forest of search tree instead of a single search tree. Each tree in this forest may be searched in parallel.

CSCI 4345 - Computer Networks (2005)